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Contacting the project


To contact the Torrent Search project, please use the trackers or the "Open discussion" forum on Sourceforge.

Bug reports and any type of comments or requests will be welcome.

When reporting a bug about a plugin, please mention the plugin's unique identifier you'll find in the plugins list.

New plugin requests must be done on the "Request new plugin" page.

Another way to get help is via IRC on Freenode, channel #torrent-search.

You can also contact me directly by mail at



Feedback is very important for Torrent Search to keep improving. Whether it's about something you like, something you don't like or a new feature you would like to see implemented, your opinion will always be taken into account.

There are different ways you can give feedback :

Please also note that the project has a Facebook fanpage, which you can use to give your opinion or share the application with others.

Either way, be sure I'll always consider your suggestions, and try to make of Torrent Search the application you want.



If you wish to contribute to the Torrent Search project, here is a list of fields where your help could be useful:

  • Developing the application or plugins; this requires you to have some Python programming knowledge
  • Translating the application in a new language
  • Translating the documentation

This doesn't mean that there is nothing else you can do; any idea you might have will be very welcome.

To contribute, please contact me by mail at, precising what you would like to do.